Machship – Freight Management for Enterprise

Machship is a web based Freight Management System (FMS) that provides transport pricing, rates, routing, bookings and pickups, reporting and invoice reconciliation across a large network of Australian based carriers. Unlike other systems, Machship uses advanced algorithms for vehicle and service selection, work-flow mapping, and automatic management functions.

Why Machship?

Machship is carrier-independent and solely focused on providing software solutions to industry. We do offer a broker version of our software, but we do not aggregate and on-sell freight. We believe being independent of carriers and not selling transport ourselves gives us a distinctive point of difference when compared to other FMS providers in the marketplace.

Machship streamlines how you communicate with transport providers. From the most complex carrier integrations to managing paper based operators, the system dramatically simplifies the freight task. Having all your freight data in a centralised system gives the user complete control and flexibility. This operational transparency provides real time KPI reporting and internal tracking and monitoring systems.

Our goal was to remove the convoluted barriers that prevent business integrating efficiently with transport providers. Machship puts the user in control and one step ahead of the game.

Most importantly, Machship was conceived and built by transport experts who understand the needs of both clients and carriers. Our transport experience, combined with our technical capacity, is what makes Machship the superior product today.

Price Quoting

Use our quoting engine to evaluate your options and always choose the cheapest price or the quickest delivery, regardless of carrier.

Consignment Creation

Create, manage and book all consignments through Machship. Through one interface you can book consignments for every available carrier. Manage surcharges and delivery options specific to each provider, right there on the user interface.


Manage and track all your existing consignments through Machship. We can provide up-to-date tracking information where available, as well as ETA based alert mechanisms for when tracking events are not directly accessible from the carrier. The user can proactively manage the freight task using real-time dashboard displays and an integrated notes and notifications system.


At a glance, get a snapshot of the current state of all your business' transport statistics, including fiscal reports, operational reports, and work-flow notifications to the user.


Easily manage carrier invoices and link them back to your jobs. Our reconciliation tool immediately alerts the user to variations in the costs of a consignment.


Invoice out any consignments to your clients and manage debtor ledgers. The flexibility of this system allows cost centre allocation within your business as well as “parent and child” account relationships to be accommodated.

Rate Management

Manage your own rates free of charge and at any time. Update your rates and start booking jobs immediately.

Multiple Carriers

Machship is independent and supports all carriers large and small. Machship is not a freight aggregator or broker on-selling the services of any transport provider.

More features

Full API Integration

Anything that can be done through our web interface can also be integrated into your existing system via our API.

Testing and Training Suite

Machship comes with a fully featured test and training environment that allows your IT and HR teams to try out Machship without the risk of sending live jobs to carriers.

Remember Locations

Manage and store all of your frequently used locations.

Saved Items

Create your own items with their own dimensions and link them to your own business item IDs/SKUs.

Consignment Labels

Print manifests, consignment details and item labels as soon as the consignment has been created. Where required, every label caters to the specific carrier.

Import Existing

Consignment not created with Machship? No problem. Import any existing jobs and take advantage of tracking and carrier reconciliation.

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